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Integrative Restoration (iRest)/Yoga Nidra
 I offer iRest:

* as an integrated part of psychotherapy
* for students who want to study Integrative Restoration individually
*in a small group setting depending on interest (information below)

I am a certified iRest Teacher. Integrative Restoration is a deep relaxation practice coming from the tradition of Yoga Nidra.  iRest is a modern word coined by Dr Richard Miller, Yoga teacher and Psychologist who is the founder of the Center of Timeless Being/Institure of Integrative Restoration. I have studied and trained with him for over 12 years. iRest is a relaxation technique and offers a practical way to be in one's daily life.
The relaxation that one learns to experience during iRest is more rejuvenating than sleep itself. It teaches stress reduction, may help with sleep disturbances and clears ones mind. Over time a person starts to see their habitual ways of getting hooked into anxieties and worries and starts to recognize the "stories" that are attached to the hook. As relaxation is strengthened, the negative habits weaken and are replaced by healthier ways. Already small shifts can affect the quality of ones daily life. It is worth having each day be a day where you feel more alive, more at ease, more joyful. iRest is also being used in Post Traumatic Stress relief.

The teachings of Tantric Shivaism underlie Yoga Nidra and iRest. They provide a very simple yet sophisticated map of the mind and how it functions. It is a beautiful psychology. It offers a way to orient oneself as one progresses through life.

I see iRest as an exquisite tool to train our brain to be more capable of being with ourselves, our dear ones, our lives, our faith of being more deeply connected to whatever we wish. In this way it is a practice that is not at all exclusive of anyone's beliefs--it will support them. 

Sometimes people have profound experiences that don't make sense in the context of ordinary life. These experiences are usually negatively interpreted and sometimes the person even feels a little crazy simply because they don't know what these unfamiliar states are. Through gaining an understanding of psycho-spiritual development one can welcome these experiences.

There is a lot of information and research findings on the Integrative Restoration Institute website. www.iRest.us

iRest/ Yoga Nidra Group

During iRest Groups we will engage in Practice and Discussions. Time to Relax and Ponder.


a few minutes of simple stretches to soften
  tightness in the body

* lying down for about 25-30 minutes of guided

You will learn about:
* The theory of Yoga Nidra
* How to include iRest in your daily life

* How to relax
* Your Values, Your Heart's deepest Longing
*Your Inner Resource, the safety that is already your anchor in life. 

We will talk about:
* Personal experiences you have had at
different times in your life
* Your spiritual seeking and questioning

Length of a class: 90 minutes.

Dates and Times: to be determined.

Cost: $25 per class

Please let me know the days and times that work for you. Please contact me with any questions or comments.

or call (530) 949-4148

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